Who We Are

Teletechno is the leading company in the distribution and integration of products and services in the field of communications since 2006, emphasizing in the Latin American market and international as the provider of advanced technology, for the area of telecommunications, providing solutions that are fast, effective and efficient services to our clients throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

We offer the latest technology in telecommunications products and services at the level of data transmission networks, routing, IP voice, switching, collaboration, and outside plant.
Company Expertise
Since 1995

a new era...

Authorized Manufacturer of modern
telecommunications equipment
and technology.
Presence in

Central &
South America

with offices in: United States (Miami-Financial District), Guatemala City, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama and El Salvador.

We sell

equipment and products directed to the fast development of networks.

Our vision
is to supply

before any other company, the progress of bandwidths and transmission speeds.
We have a great variety of telecommunication


both active and passive.

We offer

our services to both small businesses and large companies who have needs and we are here to bring a solution to those needs.

The equipment

we provide allows for a high availability of bandwidth, which enables us to provide services of the third generation or 2.5 for gms as well as internet services.


Develop extensive transmission possibilities in Central and South America, with telecommunication solutions for businesses and individuals, with the objective of bringing the most modern fiber optic services to every business and every home.

We provide telecommunication solutions for wireless networks as well as for wired networks, both through the use of cable and fiber optics. We provide wide bandwidth solutions for point-to-point access and from one point to multiple points.

What we do

In Teletechno we serve to our customers on all fronts in technology, regardless of the sector or industry in which they operate. For each project, we organize a team of professionals with the most appropriate experience and expertise, designing and implementing solutions that each situation deserves.

We use our equipment, experience and know-how to ensure that each project is carried out with efficiency and promptness.